What To Look For In A Used Car Purchase?

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what to look for in a used car purchase 12 Oct 2018

Purchasing a used car is a very common practice in Brisbane, Australia. However, one must be aware of the things to look for in a used car. Second-hand cars can be a great deal if bought carefully. There can be a number of hidden defects that are difficult to detect. You have to be extremely cautious before buying a car. Besides being way cheaper in price, second-hand cars are also easily available in the market. Since these cars come with their own disadvantages, you must choose wisely. Awareness and a dedicated inspection can win you a great deal.

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Listed below are a few Main things to look for in a used car:

Interiors and exteriors

Perform a heavy inspection of both interiors and exterior of the car. This will give you an idea about the maintenance of the car. Make sure to check for any external damages. Look under the hood to see if there is any defect. The quality and worth of the car depending on how maintained and clean it is. Do not forget to check the inside of the car. A clean car signifies regular maintenance.

Test drive

There are some defects that are not detectable by interior and exterior looks. Taking the Second-hand car on a test drive can be of great help. A test drive will tell more about the performance of the car. Keep your ears and eyes open for any unusual noises or vibrations. It will also give an idea of the functioning of brakes. Do not buy the car until and unless it gives a smooth drive.

Leak Test

Check for any kind of leakage in the Used car. Park the car on a clean road and let it run for 30 seconds. Move the car further and notice if there is any leakage from the car. A leakage indicates that the car needs a repair. If you notice any black, green or pink fluids, do not purchase the car.

Professional Inspection

Most of the buyers avoid getting the Used car inspected by a mechanic. Since a professional inspection is inexpensive, one must do it before buying a used car you can also find what is my car worth?. A mechanic can tell better about the worth and quality of the car. A mechanic can also help you detect any hidden faults in the car. Therefore it is advisable to hire a mechanic for an inspection.

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