How Scrap Cars Are a Threat to The Environment

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scrap cars a silent threat to the environment 6 Sep 2018

How can scrap cars hurt the environment?

Before dumping your vehicle here are some things you need to Know – How Scrap cars are a Threat to the Environment. It is very easy for us to dump our junk cars out in the open assuming. There is no good that we can make out of them.

Just in case you thought an immobile scrap vehicle is harmless.

Let us enlighten you about the distress it can cause to the environment. If you weren’t already aware of how hazardous damaged and scrap cars can be when they’re left abandoned.

The detrimental fluids:

When we dump a junk car somewhere, we hardly realize the adverse effects of it on the environment. Though a car which is not even operational doesn’t look enough like a threat, it can do blunders to its surroundings.

These junk vehicles often tend to release some fluids which include coolants, residual gas tank fluids, brake fuel and engine oil.

These dangerous fluids can easily find their way into the soil and sometimes to the water channels as well. To avoid contaminating water and soil around you.

make sure you find an alternative for getting rid of your car rather than dumping it out in the open.

Emission of chlorofluorocarbons:

What we do not know about very old and damaged vehicles is that they emit chlorofluorocarbons that are extremely bad for the environment. These terrible chemicals can do the worst to our environment by ruining the ozone layer.

Depletion of the ozone layer is one of the major concerns that has hit our environment and to avoid making your contribution to the worsening of the surroundings, make sure you do not abandon your junk vehicles.

Greenhouse gases:

Scrap vehicles also are known to emit greenhouse gases which are very alarming for the earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap heat, therefore, increasing the temperature of the environment.

The high level of greenhouse gases in the environment can lead to global warming. Besides that, these junk cars also release carbon monoxide that can cause major harm to our environment.


scrap cars released The fuels which have already been mentioned aren’t just behind contamination of soil and water but can also cause danger to the wildlife.

The soil that obtains contaminated By these fluids home to a lot of tiny creatures, other animals can either die or eat.

Protection of wildlife is as necessary as protecting the environment and hence we must make sure junk cars Didn’t dump carelessly.

Scrap cars are non-biodegradable:

The natural organisms Can Break Down Organic or biodegradable waste thus causing no harm to the environment. Unfortunately, scrap cars cannot count in organic waste.

These junk cars cannot break down any means. The plastic and rubber in the car cannot be decomposed or dissolved and can release pollutants into the environment. Such non-biodegradable waste shouldn’t leave unattended.

As we have discussed how scrap cars can hurt the environment. It will be more convincing for us. To look for alternatives by which we can get rid of our junk cars.

These cars sell to junkyards or car wreckers that recycle the vehicles with the help of latest technology.

This is the only way to prevent any harm to the environment caused by junk vehicles. It will also help people put resources into their uses. Instead of dumping your cars out in the open.

Call a junkyard today and bid a goodbye to your old car!

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