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Know the Salvage Value of Your Car 30 Nov 2018

Trying to salvage something means making most of what is left behind of a particular thing. Usually, people need to salvage things when they have been through a difficult time or the object in question has gone through some damage. The same principle applies to cars. If you want to sell your car and it has, unfortunately, had an experience of a natural disaster or a serious wreck, you need to know the salvage value of your car. Selling the car without knowing its salvage value is like selling your gold ornaments without knowing its weight.

How To Calculate Salvage Value Of An Automobile

If there is a scale from 1 to 5 to measure the salvage value of your car, a new model that has undergone serious damage may measure 1.0 on the scale, whereas an old car with the same condition may measure 5.0. You could also compare the cost of repairs with the actual cost of your car if the former is higher than the latter, then you might be in for a loss.

The increase in the use of vehicles on the road is a major reason for frequent accidents on the road. They include causes like speeding, breaking traffic rules, colliding with other vehicles, brake failure, etc. In such conditions, the car cannot work to its optimum capacity because these accidents usually cause the frame of the car to bend, which causes a serious damage.

Natural disasters like storms, earthquakes, cyclones, etc. are equally capable of harming life and property. Cars also come under private property and there is no way you can save your car from the fury of nature. Internal and external damages to cars are obvious, in the case of natural disasters. However, the degree or severity of the damages may vary from one car to another. Therefore, knowing the salvage value of your car is very important, especially after suffering damages due to a natural disaster.

A salvage title can help to prevent a car from being sent to the scrap yard. The car basically undergoes repair work and comes back ready for sale. Selling the car after refurbishing it is way better than leaving it as junk. Thus a salvage value helps you to salvage your car from its damages.

Car Salvage Value

The salvage value of the car depends on a few factors such as the age of the car, its condition and the features it possesses. To get the wholesale and retail value of the car, owners should use an industrial resource. The calculation of the current value of the car in the market is fairly simple. You need to divide the sum of the wholesale and retail values by two. Then multiply the value by 0.25 (the value will be lower than the current market value). You will need to clarify the market value from your insurance company as it may differ from one insurance company to another.

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