What to Do With A Flooded Car from a Hurricane

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Cash For Flooded Car 21 Nov 2017

Do you have Flooded damaged vehicle then you can get Cash For Flooded Car upto $9999 in no time. No matter how much you guard your car for a “severe” storm or hurricane, sometimes Nature has other plans. Recent hurricanes have been raising destruction and increasing the number of flooded cars.

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With the strong winds blowing around debris, power lines to fall, causing trees and with severe flooding, it is a huge mess to have to clean up. If you have a flood-damaged car from the recent hurricane that hit Central Coast, Sydney, Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Tablelands and Snowy Mountains regions then you can convert it into Good amount of Cash For Flooded Car.

here are four easy steps that help:

Step 1: Inspect Your Flooded Car

You’ll need to create a list of all the damage destruction that your car has faced. If you have a flood-damaged car, the water may have caused critical engine damage, and can even cause a fire. Do Not Try to Start Your Car. If water has entered into the electronic components or wiring of your vehicle, starting a car may cause an unwanted spark building a fire in your car. Take images of your car in this situation for your insurance company.

Step 2: Stop Further Water Damage to Your Car

You’ll need to block further water damaged to your car by sealing any of the outer components. Make sure all your doors, sunroof, and windows are seal. If any windows are crack, you should cover and seal the windows to stop water from getting inside and damaging more of the car’s interior.

Step 3: Call Your Insurance Company

You’ll need to report any accident to your car to your insurance company as soon as possible. You should be cover if you have complete coverage, only your insurance agent will be able to tell you with conviction. If you only have liability coverage or collision, any storm destruction to your car will not be include. However, the earlier you know if your car is insurance covered or not, the quicker you can make a decision about your next steps.

Step 4: Assess Your Flooded Car Repair Cost

Your next steps will change depending on the level of destruction of your car. Your insurance provider may evaluate your flooded car repair cost to be minimal or maximum. Even if your flooded car is still repairable, you may want to consider selling it because flood-damaged cars have problems that may not show up right away, like damage or mold to the catalytic converter.


Living through a severe storm or hurricane the first time around was serious enough, and selling a flood-damaged car can be a total migraine. Luckily, WeCashCars.com.au is the simplest way to sell a water damaged car. We know that trucks, cars, boats, and SUVs still have value, even after a hurricane. Call us today at
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