5 Amazing Yet Useless And Costly Hacks Which Will Increase You Car Life

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5 Amazing Yet Useless And Costly Hacks Which Will Increase You Car Life 8 May 2019

There are specific ways you can use your car even in a better way. For some particular reason, you might have trouble maintaining your vehicle. But, once you come across some life hacks for cars, you will be able to address the situation is a much better way. However, it might seem a bit hard to gauge such car life hacks but if you apply them then you will find out how good they are and how useful they can be in making your car more valuable.

So, these are the five awesomely useless car life hacks tightwads might never use.

However, if you use them, then you can rest assured your car maintenance works will go up by some notches.

  • Using a Foam Paint Brush to Clean the Air Ducts

    If you use a cloth to clean the air ducts in your car, then you may not be able to clean then in a perfect manner. You have to make sure that your vehicle is neat and clean. Also, one of the biggest reasons for the problem in the AC of your car is the accumulated dust on the vents. For that, you can use a foam brush. It will help you tremendously to get inside of the air ducts and clean it properly. This remarkable tool will help you a lot for sure.

  • Use Surface Polish to Make Your Seat Belts Work Better

    Use Surface Polish To Make Your Seat Belts Work Better
    If your seat belts get trapped, then you might use a surface polish which will grease the area which is making it stuck. It will be very much helpful if you want to make sure that your seat belts are in better shape and working correctly.

  • Use Rubber Band as Phone Holder

    Use Rubber Band As Phone Holder
    If your car does not have a phone holder and want to make temporary phone holder with which you can use the phone on the way then take a rubber band slide it through the upper air duct and with the help of a pen bring it out from the lower tube. Now, fit the phone in the hole created by the rubber band, and you are good to go.

  • Use Duct Tape as Cup Holder

    Use Duct Tape As Cup Holder
    Now, if you are driving and drinking a cup of coffee and your car has no cup holder then, you can use duct tape as a cup holder. The hollow section of the duct tape will prevent the vehicle from falling.

  • Use Crystal to Absorb Moisture inside the Car

    Use Crystal To Absorb Moisture Inside The Car
    During the rainy season, you will see your car having moisture inside. You can use crystals by putting inside a sock and keeping them inside your vehicle. It will absorb all the moisture.
    So, these are some of the most straightforward car life hacks that can make your car maintenance a lot easier. That is why you should use them if you are having problems with the mentioned things above. You can rest assured; these car life hacks will make your life a lot easier.

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